Because motherhood is more blissful with friends

The alarm went off at four this morning. With eyes closed, i turned it off and got out of bed. My eyes wouldn’t open and so i sat down on the sofa and told myself i would start breakfast in ten minutes. I have another alarm set for the next thirty minutes. I was confident i would hear it.

I didn’t. I slept through it and woke up with a start at five. The time i was supposed to wake them up with breakfast ready on the table.

Thank God for our pantry staples. Cereals, milk, bread and butter. I thanked God a second time for ready to pack snacks and lunches.

With a precision gained from years of experience, we have managed to do and finish everything in an hour.

I took my first sip of coffee as the house grew quiet and the last of the breakfast dishes have been rinsed.

I sat down and decided to call my best friend and set an impromptu date.

But because motherhood comes first, i did my grocery shopping first so i could enjoy the rest of the morning with her.

I did.

We sat, talked and ate breakfast for three hours. It could have been more  if i didn’t have to pick up my son from school. But those couple of hours were enough to replenish our cups. It was not all happy talk, but we were happy. There is something therapeutic with an honest and candid conversation with a friend. It releases you of  that extra baggage which you cannot really unload and leave at home.

I left that cafe with a full tummy but with a light heart. It felt like losing weight without starving yourself.

It’s the unplanned dates such as this that add more color to my already colorful days. A much needed and welcome break from my daily routine. I remind myself that i should do this more often.

Motherhood should never be an excuse to cease nurturing friendships. Friendships nurture mothers.

They are food for the soul.








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